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(vee-gor-ray - an Italian word meaning vigor or vitality)
Vigore Captures the Art of Life

Vigore is the No. 1 private direct mail distribution Fine Arts magazine in Chicago

Since 2011, Vigore reinvents the way magazine publishing and advertising is done with subscriber involvement. Vigore "Captures the Art of Life" with a vibrant, colorful, high quality magazine featuring Fine Art, fashion, special interest, people, businesses, established, emerging and new talent, plus more. Vigore's unique Advertiser's Advantage and Website Feature is a rare offer.

Our advertisers can count on their message being viewed by a selected audience of higher income households and affluent professionals with purchasing power.

Vigore Provides the Best Advertiser & Subscriber
Offer With A
Total Market Connection
In-Print (magazine) six times per year and
through the Internet, On-Line “flip-magazine” every month.

Unique Website Feature: At no additional cost, the interactive "flip-magazine" version of the current magazine links advertisers and articles to their own web pages. For example - Click on the business ad and go directly to the featured business website.

Let’s work together for your success

Unique Advertiser's Advantage: At no additional cost, we offer a way to create an advertorial - Advertisers placing a FULL PAGE or DOUBLE COLUMN advertisement are given additional space for content and photos to support, inform and enhance the advertisement. Vigore offers 8 different ad sizes to match your budget. Contact Vigore magazine today, your new business partner for:
our advertisers prosperity,
our readers enjoyment and
our contributors exposure.

Full Page Ad: Reach 15,000 readers with purchasing
power for under .10 cents each address

Vigore is an eye catching distinct coffee table / display magazine to share and collect.
Vigore promotes Fine Arts with a focus on Chicago, a jewel city in the heartland
of the United States.

One goal of Vigore magazine is to promote the economic development of Chicago and Illinois as a great place to thrive financially, visit, enjoy life and live safely.

Vigore Chicago connects with generations of readers ...

Boomers, 1946-1964, - 80 million - Most consumer spending Trillions in buying power. Respond well to print. Print drives them online. Seek health information. Newspapers. Emails.

Gen X, 1965-1980, - 50 million - Multichannel marketing. Entering peak earning. Buying online. Banking online. Online news. Entrepreneurs.

Gen Y, 1981-1995, - 100 million - Friendship. Viral marketing. Peer recommendations. Social media, online gaming. Entertainment. Positive reinforcement. Texting.

Gen Z, 1669-2010, - - 20 million and counting Very diverse population. 2007 largest birth year ever. Technologically savvy.

Magazine Advertising has impact

- Websites supported by magazines generate 163% more revenue than sites that aren't.
- 81% of American households open direct mail.

- Print magazines and catalogs are now a highly productive sales channel for leading e-tailors.

- Postal mail is the dominant channel for achieving large scale customer engagement.

- QR codes in print media rapidly turn readers into shoppers- and buyers.

- Social media is rapidly becoming an important element of a balanced marketing mix.

... Many companies small to large have taken risks, many have put everything on the line for their business, so winning and being able to beat the competition with exposure for profit and growth is important. Our success is your success. Let's work together. Contact us today to set up a meeting.