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(vee-gor-ray: vigor or vitality)

Vigore magazine extends a welcome to contributors (amateur and professional) in the areas of fine art, writing, new inventions, business, health, music, design, movies, theater, medicine, finance, fitness, food and much more.

FREE NO OBLIGATION - Contribute to your own success. Be a part of Vigore magazine and propel your passion and dream forward. Make the right move for your own success with Vigore magazine.

Send us your story (text doc.) with images to be published in Vigore magazine. Our creative staff will develop a layout for your approval or send final artwork to fit a 7.5" x 10" page area.

Due to space availability, Vigore retains all rights to publish in full or to publish partial submitted text and image received or to adjust submitted work.

Subscriber Special Offer
All subscribers have an open opportunity to be considered as a contributor to submit an article and/or image(s) for publication in a future issue with the approval of Vigore.

The 2018 yearly subscription price is $36.50 for FOUR printed issues.

Your SUBSCRIPTION helps us celebrate our 7th year of promoting art and creativity. Thank you for supporting the future of Vigore magazine.

Special Thank You
A special thank you to the many highly skilled artists that have contributed to Vigore. We wish you continued creativity. Vigore is the No. 1, Fine Arts & Life Style private direct mail distribution magazine in Chicago.