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(vee-gor-ray: vigor or vitality)

Vigore magazine extends a welcome to contributors (amateur and professional) in the areas of fine art, writing, new inventions, business, health, music, design, movies, theater, medicine, finance, fitness, food and much more.

Subscriber Special Offer
All subscribers have an open opportunity to be considered as a contributor to submit an
article and or image(s) for free publication, in a future issue with the approval of Vigore.
The 2014 yearly subscription price is $36.50 for SIX printed issues.

State of Mind
Submit your inspirational words for consideration to be published in the upcoming issue of Vigore in Print or on-line through the Internet. Share with us what inspires and motivates you. Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • inspirational words
  • inspirational stories
  • key sentences that you simply cannot get out of your mind
  • words that changed your life
  • words that drive you forward every day

Send Vigore your story with photos ...
Active, Young at Heart, Passionate about Life ... Many 50+ people are looking to find new activities, organizations and careers. With healthier lifestyles, people are feeling much younger and living longer. Vigore welcomes your “Over 50” story.

Vigore welcomes amateur and professional writers. AUTHORS & BOOKS is a scheduled feature in Vigore. Writers can submit published works for consideration to appear in Vigore and highlighted in subsequent issues.

Simply email your inspirational words, photos or story to