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Vigoré Reinvents the Magazine Industry
Unique Offer to ALL Subscribers. GET PUBLISHED and BE NOTICED.
Vigoré extends a no cost (free) offer to be published In-Print (actual magazine) and On-Line (flip magazine) for a total market connection.

SUBSCRIBE and contribute to your own success
Receive a $1425 - $2850 value (1 - 2 pages) for publication in Vigoré
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Vigoré magazine is hailed as the “New Standard” for Fine Art magazines. Be a part of Art history today. Art commonly outlasts the lives of its creators. It stands as symbols that make up the journeys of countless lives through myriad forms of artistic expression.

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If you enjoy the Vigor of great art Vigore'  is for You. Subscribe. In addition to incredible Fine Art and the highest quality in printing, Vigore'  offers famous artists and those not usually covered in other publications, educational information about art, art trends plus people and businesses. With your 1 year $36.50 subscription you will receive: FOUR issues plus ONE special edition issue per year.

Vigore'  is the magazine you want on your coffee table” Subscribers will have the opportunity to be published in our on-line internet version magazine and/or the in-print version.

Vigore' Chicago magazine is the leading Fine Arts magazine in Chicago. Vigore' Chicago captures “the Art of Life” with Fine Art, People, Culture, Business and a wide spectrum of creativity for: our readers enjoyment, our advertisers prosperity and our contributors exposure, and now our SUBCRIBERS benefit in a serious, humorous, smart and sophisticated way.

Unique Subscription offer
Vigoré  is reinventing the magazine business with an unique SUBCRIBER invitation, articles and involvement. All subscribers have an open opportunity to be considered as a contributor to submit an article and or image(s) with words, for free (no cost) publication, in a future issue with the approval of Vigoré. Our creative department can develop a page for your article/story. The yearly subscription price is $36.50 for FIVE printed issues.

Receive your Chicago focused Best Coffee Table / Display Magazine
FIVE printed issues (approx. every 10 weeks) for $36.50.

Vigoré Chicago magazine supports and promotes the economic development of Chicago as a great place to thrive financially, visit, live and enjoy life. Your subscription benefits everyone that Vigore reaches directly and indirectly.

Another way to say it ... Unique offer exclusively for Chicago’s New, Emerging, Established Business Professionals, Creative Artists, Rising Stars, and Impact People.

Receive a $8550 value (6 pages) for the price
of ordering 25 or more magazines

Order 25 or more Vigoré Chicago magazines and receive SIX pages at no cost (free) in a special edition highlighting your hotel. Vigoré is a great keepsake and an excellent way to promote your talent, skills, achievements, and business market position. Let’s talk, meet or have your creative department / agency contact us! Office: 847-466-7156 Direct: 847-977-2027

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Subscribers can provide print ready artwork to meet layout specifications or at no additional cost the Vigoré creative team will design a page(s) with images and words supplied. Subscriber will have final artwork approval and Vigore will have final publication approval prior to release.

Send Credit Card information, Check or Money Order made payable to Press Proof / Vigore. Mail to: Press Proof Printing, 180 S. Western Ave, #310, Carpentersville, IL 60110 or call us to make payment.

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